Hurricane Harvey

Houston, Texas












With the gutting and moving of debris phase slowing down, we are partnering up with the local organization, Friends of Northside, for continuing volunteer efforts in Houston. They will be showing up to work every FIRST SATURDAY of each month.

If you’d like to hop in on the action, e-mail us at

Help Clean Up Texas After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has taken a catastrophic toll on Houston. While leaving many stranded and in need of assistance. We must come together and collectively help rebuild the aspects of our community members lives that were damaged or lost. Any volunteering or donation that you can spare, no matter how large or small, short or long is greatly appreciated. We will come out of this stronger than ever. We are Texans.  Rugby Relief is asking for your help to tackle this need.

newshield1Rugby Relief is partnered with Baton Rouge Women’s Rugby Football Club to receive tax-deductible monetary donations (EIN: 760829299) during Hurricane Harvey relief period.  That route is now closed, if you would like to directly donate to Rugby Relief, please visit our donation page on our website.  Financial contributions help us provide equipment, protective gear, and food / water to volunteers and assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.