I just wanted to extend my extreme thanks to you and the rugby team that has gone to my uncle’s house… They have been there on multiple occasions and have been heaven sent for him as he was unable or too afraid to try to do any of this work himself.  I hope that they are feeling as appreciated as they truly are… 

Bryan L.

Co-worker of a Crescent City Blues Rugby Player

With over 300 volunteers, we have helped nearly 110 homes, not including the physical and monetary donations Rugby Relief has organized to gather and distribute.

The Kickoff:

Inspired by the awareness of the 2016 Baton Rouge Flood,

members from three rugby clubs, along with a Chief Master Sergeant of the Airforce,

came together to gut houses and formed Rugby Relief.


Playbook: FEMA Regions

Our focus during our initial development phase will be in FEMA regions 4 and 6. As we develop our infrastructure and funding, we will be expanding to eventually cover the entire country. If you are interested in coordinating the development of a Relief Squad in your area, please contact us.

Sign up now to be a Rugger or Coach in your region, to help us attain this goal.

You can also help by spreading the word and getting your teammates and rugger friends signed up for updates on disasters, so we can spread the word nationally when a disaster strikes.

Statistics per Disaster:

2017 Baton Rouge Flood:

130+ Volunteers ∞ Nearly 40 Homes


2017 Tornadoes in Mississippi and Louisiana:

30 Volunteers ∞ 10 Homes


2017 Hurricane Harvey (As of Sept. 22nd):

165+ Volunteers ∞ 57+ Homes

Teams involved thus far: